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a load of well over 2 tons! The Magdeburg Hemispheres, as they came to be known, were a pair of large copper hemispheres with mating rims. By the, peace of Westphalia (1648) the archbishopric became a secular duchy, passing to the electorate of Brandenburg on the death of the last administrator (1680). Two teams of 15 horses would try to pull apart two 20"-diameter metal hemispheres. It lies along the. The city is the seat of Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg (founded 1993 and there are numerous schools and technical colleges. Hooking up horses to pull the pans apart is definitely optional! The physicist Otto von Guericke, the composer Georg Telemann, and the soldier Frederick William, Freiherr (baron) von Steuben, were born in Magdeburg.

A chemical industry and textile milling are also significant. Today Magdeburg is a centre of food processing, particularly sugar refining and flour milling, and of metalworking and heavy engineering. Um Sendungen mit einer Altersbeschränkung zu jeder Tageszeit anzuschauen, können Sie jetzt eine Altersprüfung durchführen. Von Guericke applied a thick coating of grease to the rims, attached his new vacuum pump apparatus, and pumped out a good bit of the air, producing a strong vacuum inside. During the period of German partition, it was the most important inland port of East Germany; inland shipping remains significant.

Although it was burned down in 1188, Magdeburg became a flourishing commercial centre in the 13th century and was a leading member of the. 937) the Benedictine abbey of Saints Peter, Maurice, and Innocent. Strain and pull as they might, the force of the vacuum was stronger than the 30 horses the teams could not part the sphere. The hemispheres were not bolted, welded, glued, or otherwise mechanically connected to one another. Rhine River by the Mittelland Canal and with Berlin and the lower Oder River by another system of canals.

(2005 est.) 229,126., Corrections Manager. If von Guerickes pump was capable of pulling a near-vacuum of about 1lbf/in2, then the force required to pull the halves apart is 314in2 (14.71) lbf/in2 4,300 pounds of force. In 1815 the city became the capital of the newly constituted, prussian province of, saxony. Otto I (the Great who founded there (. Abo beendet Embed-Code kopieren html-Code zum Einbetten des Videos in der Zwischenablage gespeichert. Like what youre reading? Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Elbe River, southwest of, berlin. Bitte beachten Sie die, nutzungsbedingungen des ZDF. Albrecht von Wallenstein in 1629 but was stormed in 1631.

Heavy bombing in 1945 destroyed much of the city, including the. Magdeburg is situated at a natural crossroads on the Elbe; it is at the junction of several major railway lines and arterial highways and is linked to the. Air pressure at sea level is about.7 pounds per square inch (psi, or lbf/in2). In that century it also established an autonomous municipal administration, Magdeburger Recht magdeburg Law that later was widely adopted throughout eastern Europe. Because the citys important industrial and commercial facilities were restored and expanded after both World War II and German reunification, the city centre has uncharacteristically wide streets and mid-to-late 20th-century architecture throughout. 1240 showing Otto the Great, can be seen in Magdeburgs Cultural History Museum. The Magdeburg Rider, the oldest German equestrian statue (. Although German reunification in 1990 brought steep declines in manufacturing activity (particularly machine building the service sector of the economy expanded rapidly. The Romanesque and Gothic cathedral (12091520) dedicated to Saints Maurice and Catherine has survived, and the Monastery of Our Lady (begun.

First mentioned in 805 as a small trading settlement on the frontier of the Slavic lands, it became important under. The archbishopric played a major part in the German colonization of the Slavic lands east of the Elbe. Guericke was the mayor (Bürgermeister) of Magdeburg, and he arranged for a public demonstration in the town square. How hard would those horses have to pull in order to separate the hemispheres? Dafür benötigen Sie Ihr Ausweisdokument.

Reformation in 1524 and was thereafter governed by Protestant titular archbishops. Its citizens, in almost constant conflict with the archbishops, became nearly independent of them by the end of the 15th century. Johann Tserclaes, Graf (count) von Tilly, who burned and sacked the city and butchered about 20,000 of the citys 30,000 inhabitants. Instead, the air inside the sphere had been evacuated by means of von Guerickes new vacuum pump. Bewertung entfernt Abonniert auf Mein ZDF! To figure this out, first calculate the area of a 20"-diameter circle: r square inches (in2).

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Use_smart_hashtags: Make use of the smart hashtag feature. Use_smart_location_hashtags: Make use of the smart location hashtag feature. Interact: Defines whether the users of the given post should also be interacted with (needs set_user_interact to be also set) randomize: Determines whether the first amount of posts should be liked or a random selection. Magdeburg, hemispheres, as they came to be known, were a pair of large copper hemispheres with mating rims. Von Guericke applied a thick coating of grease to the rims, attached his new vacuum pump apparatus, and pumped out a good bit of the air, producing a strong vacuum inside. That monument was the first example of Gothic architecture in Germany and warrants as much as half a day if you love Medieval art. Magdeburg is also the countrys second greenest city and even though it has been repeatedly visited by war it has been carefully rebuilt every time.

The collection is minimal, high quality, and unisex. Street, with a 90s edge, but also current in its use of branding, adjustable labelling, and text details, the collection is a product of Tokio Hotel as a band, with Kaulitz working to make his brainchild a reality. Magdeburg, Magdeburg magdeburg, Germany). AZG steht für Ausbildungszentrum für Gesundheitsfachberufe der Uniklinik. Magdeburg is the site of two universities, the Otto-von-Guericke University and the. Magdeburg -Stendal University of Applied Sciences. Magdeburg is situated on autobahn route 2, and hence is at the connection point of the East (Berlin and beyond) with the West of Europe, as well as the North and South of Germany. Magdeburg : Magdeburg, city, capital of Saxony-Anhalt Land (state east-central Germany. It lies along the Elbe River, southwest of Berlin. First mentioned in 805 as a small trading settlement on the frontier of the Slavic lands, it became important under Otto I (the Great who founded there (c.

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Gemerkt auf Mein ZDF! In 1806 the fortress of Magdeburg surrendered to Napoleon without fighting and was included in the kingdom of Westphalia until 1813. 1070 the oldest church in the city, has been restored. Renaissance city hall (1691). Diesen Hinweis in Zukunft nicht mehr anzeigen. The fortress was dismantled in 1912. In the spring of 1654, German scientist Otto von Guericke staged a dramatic demonstration of his new invention, the vacuum pump. Thirty Years War it successfully resisted a siege by imperial forces under. In 962 it became the seat of an archbishopric, the boundaries of which were fixed in 968, comprising the bishoprics of Havelberg, Brandenburg, Merseburg, Meissen, and Zeitz-Naumburg. Magdeburg, city, capital of, saxony-Anhalt, land (state east-central, germany.

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